Monday, February 26, 2024

About O'Rourke Electric

Established in Parry Sound for over 30 years, O'Rourke Electric has been an exemplary business supporting the community.

Commencing Jan 1st 2013, O'Rourke Electric is owned and operated by Les Purcell, who will continue to maintain the quality reputation that Bob O'Rourke has built over the past three decades.

Specializing in rebuilding all makes and models of electric starter motors for every type of engine; gas, diesel, propane, natural gas, automotive, industrial, in all voltages (6 volt, 12 volt, 24 volt or 36 volt DC). Always rebuilding to or exceeding OEM specs.


We offer sales of or rebuilding, re-manufacturing and testing of all types of alternators.

Sales or repair and recondition any type of electric motor, in AC/DC. in any voltage 6 - 600v in any configuration - with gear drive or without.

Sales and repair of any electric pumps in any configuration.

Sales and repair of de-icing pumps (bubbler)

General repair to all makes of generators, water pumps, ect.  North Americana built or off shore.
General repair of most anything worth fixing.

starter  | rebuilt starter | bendix | 12v | GM starter | marinas | water pump | industrial | classic car | heavy truck | alternator  | alternator repair | failed alternator | rectifier | diode | motor repair | electric motor | seized | stuck motor | blower motor | fireplace motor | wood stove fan/blower | small electric motor | gear drive | worm gear | furnace fan | furnace blower | VFD | motor control | boat house bubbler | de ice | ice melt | dock bubbler | orange light | de icer | de icing |  sewage pump | septic pump | well pump | submersible pump | lake pump | foot valve | boiler pump | deep well pump | shallow well pump | starter rebuild | contractors | cottagers | 6v | 24v | electric forklift | re builder | blower | fans | sump pumps | car starter | electric