Monday, February 26, 2024

About Les Purcell

Les has been in the repair industry for over 20 years. Skilled and familiar in the repair of gas, diesel, and propane engines as well as electric motors and pumps

Years of experience repairing cars, trucks, both small and large engines for marine and heavy equipment applications, including tractors, backhoes, loaders; specializing in forklift repair and service.

Many years of experience providing onsite service for large forklifts and lifting equipment in an industrial environment.
Les has spent the past 10 years providing maintenance, trouble shooting, service and repair in the fast paced organic food manufacturing industry. This position has given him a well rounded skill set, involving repair to automated equipment. A/C electric motor control using VFD's, from .15hp to 30hp. Installation and control of sensors, including sonic, ultrasonic, capacitive, inductive, infra-red, retro reflective and many more in both PNP and NPN installations. Les is comfortable maintaining patience and objectivity while working under pressure.

"I have made a career out of fixing and repairing machines that are notoriously hard to fix. All the while keeping a positive and progressive attitude. It is this attitude that gives me complete confidence in my ability to maintain the O'Rourke Electric reputation for another 30 years, and welcome the opportunity to exceed my customers expectations."  

-Les Purcell

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